Jul 2, 2010


Hey there... yes, it's been a while... as always. I have this minikit in store now and it will be 20% off from today until Monday; and if you're an Iscrap Newsletter Subscriber, you will receive another 20% off when you purchase it. Hehehe...

Here's my Lovely Minikit. I was inspired to create this when I saw my baby's mini album and the first word that came to my mouth was lovely. Thus, named it lovely. :D

This may seems to be a girly color but I did used it to create a page for my sons. Here's an inspiration from me.

Come back every now and then. I feel like giving away my Big World Kit to 1 of you ladies and I wanted to RAK layouts at Mscraps gallery using my kits/products just needed enough time to plan it though since I'm still busy with my eldest son's up coming birthday in August. Hehehe... My baby's first birthday was a success even if the cake I ordered from the bakeshop was a disaster. I'll show you a few photos tomorrow. :D

I'm quite tired now, so I'll end this here. Take care guys and thanks for dropping by.


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