Jul 3, 2010

Yano at ONE

Last June 21, 2010, our youngest son (Yano) celebrated his first birthday. We had a little "just us" celebration at home. We got to celebrate his birthday with friends from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain last June 25 since it's weekend here and usually there are no work on Fridays.

It was a success even if the birthday cake was a disaster. I regret having it ordered on a cake shop, I should have made it myself. If it would be a failure then I have myself to blame. Well, anyways, it's done and I planned to bake my eldest son's cake on his 6th birthday next month.

Here was the invitation I created for Yano's birthday. I used my Big World Kit.

Here are a few photos during that day.

"Us" (thanks to Aying for taking the photo)

Yano (eating all throughout the celebration)

Blowing the cake and gathering all the kids for the happy birthday song.

There are more photos but I was just too lazy to edit them. Hehehe... Thanks for dropping by... Now got to go and start planning for my eldest son's coming birthday.

Thanks again. have a great day. :D


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