Apr 2, 2010

Songbird Avenue April 2010 "Soar High" is up...

So happy to announce that Songbird Avenue's April 2010 kit is soaring high... The kit is already out at the Songbird store. This is created by the wonderful Songbird designers, The Queen of Quirk, Meredith Fenwick, Janet Phillips, Amy Wolff, and the talented guest designer Shaui Lee of Feifei Stuff (I'm a fan... I'm a fan!!!). lol! The proceed will be donated to the Big Shoulders Fund. Their mission is to provide support to the Catholic schools in the neediest areas of inner-city Chicago. It's a beautiful kit in general and you'll be getting so much for the price. At the same time, you're helping. Visit Songbird Avenue and help us help others by purchasing this month's kit, Soar High.

Here are my layouts:
"Yano @ seven months"

"Yano @ eight months "

"Yano @ nine months"

Thank you for looking.

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