Apr 5, 2010

Flower Power

A blessful Monday everyone!!!

It has been a tough week for me (I think almost a tough month) with all that happened on my pc; I got hacked then my pc just went nuts. So, hubby had to call his I.T. friend to come over the house last weekend to fix the pc and he reformatted it. Then had to install all the softwares again. Now, my pc is renewed with Windows 7 and PCS4... Hehehe... But how I wish AI was also included with the PCS4 since I wanted to try doodling on Illustrator. So much for what happened... let's move on.

Today is New Product Monday @ Mscraps and here's mine, Frame Me 5 - Flower Power. It is composed of 5 rounded-corner square frames with flower brush accents and 5 - 12X12 coordinating patterned papers (click the preview for details).

{Frame Me 5 - Flower Power}

I got hooked on designing frames lately (so obvious, lol!). And these flower brushes are so fabulous that's why I super enjoyed creating frames with them. Thanks to Susan Libertiny of Brush Portfolio for creating them.

Here's an inspiration from me using Three Paper Peonies When?Date Stamps and the my Frame Me 5.

Thank you for looking but make sure you drop by Mscraps today since it's New Product Monday, we have discounts for you not to mention SO many gorgeous new products instore.

My Frame Me 5 will be 20% OFF for 2 days starting today... so... GO, GO, GO. *wink*


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