Jan 31, 2010

Store Producst

Hello... so the Mscraps has opened. Have you visited, or registered on the forum, or browsed the gallery yet? What are you waiting for? Go, go, go... Hehehe... We're so happy for the wonderful response of the digiworld to our new store. Thank you very much. I know you're all enjoying the blogtrain as we at the Mscraps are. Blogtrain's still up so hop on. *wink*

Btw, here are my first 2 template products at the store, my Pagemaker 1 and Pagemaker 2, it's still on 30% off. Hope you'll grab them. Two more pagemakers are coming so keep on visiting. Hihihi... This is a set of 4 templates that would help you when mojo seems sleeping, needing a layout fast, or just can't finish a page. These are simple blocked templates that can be a basis to your creativeness and which you can use over and over again. Either leave it as is or simply move them around depending on your taste.

Pagemaker 1.
To the store...

Here are some layouts by the Mscrap site CTs:
by milo82

by inklover13

by nia kariani

by marussia

My second template at the store... Pagemaker 2.
To the store...

Here's some more pages by the Mscrap site CTs:
by inklover13
by milo82

by rsk

by doodelle


On the other news... since so much are going on for the Mscraps opening and I know you're still in awe of our wonderful store, blog, forum and gallery and even the blogtrain, I decided to extend my Me, Myself & I kit challenge for 1 more week. It that way those who still wanted to participate can still participate on the challenge. So, instead of February 6 for the deadline, the challenge will be up until next week SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13, DUBAI TIME (+4:00 GMT). Don't forget to post your link on the comments section.

Happy scrapping everyone. Thank you for coming here. :)

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Thank you ;-) take a look this emo boy one at this blog: