Mar 3, 2010

Miss Tiina's PrettyKits and a couple of Layouts

On the other note... I'd like to share to you a couple of layouts I made using Miss Tiina's colorful, pretty and fun kits Ladybugaboo and Rainbow Floss.

Using Miss Tiina's Ladybugaboo kit and Miss Tiina's MTF Dreamy font...

This is Say... Awing & Resil's daughter. Almost the same age with my youngest son Yano (Yano's 6 days older than Say)

Using Miss Tiina's Rainbow Floss and Miss Tiina's MTF Playtime font...

This is Alex... Clyde & Chris' daughter. I made this layout as our thank you present to them for inviting us to Alex's 1st birthday at Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai. Kim and Makuy really had a super great time there and it's our first time to be there, too, might even be our last. Hehehe... (It's world-class and expensive???) Hahaha... Thanks to them again.

I hope they all like it...

And before I forget, visit Miss Tiina's blog and store for more wonderful goodies.

Thank you for looking and hope you got inspired by my layouts.

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