Nov 30, 2009

Thanks + Giving

I am glad I became a part of Songbird family by being one of their creative team. This month’s my first month there and I am happy to help them even in some little way to be able to raise funds for different charities in the US. Even if I am not a US citizen, still I’m glad I’m helping. I’m also glad that Jan Crowley & Meredith Fenwick founded Songbird Avenue and along with the creative team and the guest designers every month, many charities will receive help.

We, at Songbird Avenue are grateful to all our guest designers who have contributed to a kit receiving no profit. And what are these if there are no customers to buy them, so, to all of you who bought kits from the Songbird Avenue store, thank you. With your purchase we were able to raise funds for charities.

As a gift to our generous supporters, here a template for you.

eta: Click on image to download template, click the PURCHASE button (price is set at $0.00), then check out. We hope you enjoy the download!

Here's a layout from me using this layered template. This is the first layout and 2 more layouts are coming using this. :))

These are our friends who visited us when I gave birth to our youngest son. A couple of close friends helped in taking care of my eldest son while Kim was with me at the hospital since I had 2 major surgeries at that time (a ceasarean birth and a partial hysterectomy since I had placenta accreta) and sent us food. I might forgot a few, sorry, as much as I wanted to remember all of you, I just can't. You know who you are and thank you.

I'd like to thank the hospital, the chaplain, all the nurses and nursing aides (specially Filipino staff) and doctors who took care of me and my baby. I have thank them over and over again from the time I woke up at the OR up to the time we were discharged from the hospital.
And as the year comes to its end, I'd like to thank them once again.

THANK YOU... God bless you all.

Thank you for looking :D

Note: Sorry for the photos friends, just grabbed them from Facebook... hehehe...

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