Oct 10, 2010


i have thought about this over and over for the last 2 weeks. *big grin* i was and still am hesitant if i should be doing this or not. if you're a follower here, you would noticed that i seldom update my blog and i am pretty a slow designer as well. i don't even know if i can be able to maintain a creative team. lol! but i thought why not give it a try and see what happens. i want to believe this will help me get advertisement for my store and people and scrappers would know about iscrap. hehehe... well, here we go...

yes, i am having my very first creative team call. and i am choosing only a few (really few) to be with me (i want to start with a small team *wink*) to create at least 1 layout per kit/product (average of 2 kits/product per month, yes, i am one of those slow designers out there *big grin*); to participate in my personal forum (future forum) and mscraps forum; upload layouts to the mscraps gallery and 2 other galleries of your choice; to promote my products through blogs, facebook and/or twitter; and to scrap only with products that inspires you (i would never want to put pressure on my future creative team).

if interested, submit the following:
- your name & username
- a link to your most complete gallery
- a link to your blog and facebook (if any)
- your current ct's or ct experience (if any)
- a little something about yourself

please send an email to iscrapbyinglim@gmail.com
with "ct call" in the subject line by october 21, 2010.

so excited to here from you...



Joshgirl said...

Good luck with your first call!!!

bdaphil said...

oh man i am a huge fan gonna get my application to you. phil aka macscrappy