Jan 5, 2010

It's a BIG thing...

Hello... Hello... Hello... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
I'm still here. Hahaha... I'm soooo sorry for being silent for a few weeks. I've been very busy with some things. Hehehe...

I'm waiting for something before I finally announce it and I guess the waiting's over. I want to announce that I'm a designer at MScraps (Memory Scraps)... yes, a designer (mmmm... "a designer in training"). Hehehe... Joyce Paul of MScraps accepted me in to be a part of her design team. I know I'm new at designing and I still need more experience in these stuff. That's why I am just soooo uber thankful to Joyce for the chance. For now, I'll be selling my templates there under ISCRAP by ing, I already have 5 templates there (hoping you'd visit the store and purchase my products... please... hahaha). And eventually I'd be able to sell kits (can't wait... hihihi... I'm working on one right now).

The BIG OPENING will be on Saturday, January 30, so do come and visit MScraps, join the forum and have a peak of the gallery for inspirations. The designers and CTs are all so talented and wonderful ladies. I know you'll enjoy in there as much as I am enjoying. Hihihi...

Freebies??? No worries... Yes, I'll be very busy with designing templates and kits for the store but I won't stop giving freebies. I'll just have to iron things out and get acquainted with everything in digital designing world and when everything's running smoothly, I'll post freebies immediately. Hehehe... Can't help but be very excited. This is a great start for this year and I do pray to God that He will give me strength and wisdom to continue on this. God is sooo good.

Thank you Lord. :-D

Keep on visiting... I might be able to post a freebie one of these days.

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