Dec 2, 2009

My Wishlist... just a wishlist...

Wishlist... wishlist... wishlist... *huge sigh* When will I be able to get even 1 item from my wishlist. Hehehe... Just want to share to you my list (in no particular order) LOL!

1. Wii Fit
A good friend introduced me to this since she has this and she's having a real good time playing and at the same time getting physical work outs. I needed one, I believe. It's also something to share with the rest of the family, Kim can use it and even Makuy since it's like your playing a video game (onl healthier). Hehehe...
2. DSLR Camera Tripod
I've been longing to have one since I have a shaky hands. This is very useful indeed. :)

3. DSLR Camera Wireless Remote
Very useful, too. Specially when I wanted to take photos with myself included or take photos of the whole family, with Kim, or with the kids. ;D

4. Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6G IF-ED AF-0S DX VR Zoom Lens
I wanted to explore more on photography... zoom lens or micro. This is nice when I'm taking photos from a distance or would like to zoom a particular subject. LOL!

6. Laptop
Handy computer to store and edit my photos and even do some scrapping. It's would be nice to bring this anywhere and surf the net anytime if on the go. I just like to have one. :))

7. Pen Tablet
This is already answered by my sister. Thanks Sis!!! *smiling*. I wanted to have pen tablet for scrapbooking since I'm starting to design and it's nice in doodling or freehand drawings.

I also have a wishlist for Kim, Makuy and Yano.

8. Kim - A shoe that he really likes and a slipper he can wear just anywhere. Because even if we would just go to the market he wears rubbershoes since his slipper's very worn out already. He doesn't say it but I know he wanted a new mobile phone... and a guitar he could play while at home or just relaxing.

9. Makuy - I would want to get him a new Crocs since his old ones getting smaller for his getting bigger feet. I like Crocs since it's very comfortable, non-slippery and light to the feet. Other than the Cros, I'd like to get him a rubber shoes since his rubber shoes doesn't feet anymore (we gave it to the relief goods already). I also would like to buy him some shirts and pants. It's embarrasing to admit we haven't bought him new clothes (his old clothes still fits well). We get hesitated to buy new ones since it's really expensive here and when you buy cheaper ones, it easily get's destroyed, worn out, stretched. And perhaps a portable DVD player where he can view his audio and video cds. This is also good for the baby music and so handy we can bring it in the car. He's saving up for his toy, so that's a relief for me. Hehehe...

10. Yano - For the baby, I just wanted to get verything I see and like at the store. Hahaha... But as of now, I's like to get him some educational toys like clothbooks/sound books, a gym mat, some developmental toys and soothing light toys. It's too early I know but I also wanted to get him a Crocs he can use while learning how to walk. Hehehe...

11. Lastly, for our househelp, Marites. I also would like to get her clothes and shoes/sandals or anything that she likes that I can afford. Hehehe... She's new with us, 2 months. We got her from Philippines to help us here at home specially with the baby since I'm trying to find work again. So far, so good... she's never failed us on our expectations (I hope so). This will be her first Christmas away from home and family so we wanted to comfort her when loneliness comes.

This is it... Those are my list... Hahaha... My wishlist... always a wishlist... just a wishlist... LOL!

Thanks for looking :)

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