Dec 16, 2009

Another CT Call for me...

Something came up on my email this week. Miss Tiina replied to my email applying for CT position. Hahaha... I've been applying for a CT spot and sending my application to 5 designers already, wonderful designers as far as digital scrapbooking is concerned. One emailed me back telling me she wanted to take me but it's too late since she just recently added a new CT member. It's okay, I understand, I'll wait for the chance again (I've been wanting to CT for her since the first time I understood what CT means... hahaha...).

Well going back to Miss Tiina, I like her works specially her doodles and fonts... they are so lovely and nice. Regarding her email in reply to my application, I actually didn't expect it but I am uber glad to her and the rest of her team for a waaaaarm welcome to become a part of their CT and for the kind words they said to me and my so-called *creations*. Hihihi... Thank you guys :). I've been uber excited to tell you about this but I just had to make it official before I do so. Two days have passed and yesterday, it's official... *naks*

Ahem... ahemmmm...
I'm proud to announce that I'm officially a LIL MISSIE at

That's it... Hehehe... can't wait to post my first layouts at my gallery at misstiina using her products. Go and visit her at her store. Just click the logo above and it will lead you to her store. Happy shopping people. :)

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