Nov 16, 2009

"My Boys"

It's almost midnight here in our place but I just got to post this photo. I so love this shot of my boys (the biggest, the big and the smallest). I took this photo last weekend, Friday. The photo was a bit noisy and a bit shaky nor the editing was not that good but it's perfect for me... I love it into bits. I even intend to print this on a larger size (maybe 8"x10") and frame it.

{Papa Kim, Kuya (big brother) Makuy and our Tabakokong (chubby) Yano }

They are my world and they made me complete.
They are what keep me going.
They are my inspiration in everything I do.
I just love taking photos of them.

They are "My Boys"


Valerie said...

Really nice's awsome that you could capture that beautiful moment...;-)

Confession Nook said...

nice pic you got here ing... it's as perfect as it is...cheers to the good life..=)