Oct 27, 2009


YES... we already have internet at home... woohoo... it's been a while like three weeks or more. Hehehe... I know I missed so much while we didn't have internet access *sigh* and now that we have net already, I am quite confused where to start. Hehehe... But I have already updated my Facebook and all the photos that I needed to upload there are done. That's one down and more to go. Hehehe... Now I am trying to organize my thoughts as to what blog to update first (here or my foodblog?). Well, tomorrow (I hope I won't loose my mojo in updating) I'll start updating here.

I've been able to finish my eldest son Makuy's baby scraps and I was able to create a few scrap layouts. That's good right? And... I was also able to make 2 littlekits and 4 alphas. Ha! I'll post it here, too, and if you'll like them feel free to download it and leave some love after. Hehehe...

Everything will be tomorrow (Inshalla)...

But before I go, I'd like to inform you that we are all settled here in our new house we're renting. This is a much smaller space compare to the previous house we rented but we believed it's a much better place here. We are near the Town Center; a walking distance to the supermarket and hospital. There are also a lot of Filipinos here and most of our friends are near. That's a good-good thing. If ever I get to work again, I can just ride a taxi going to the work and back to the house; and Kim will not keep on going out or his work if we needed to go somewhere. I haven't taken photos of the house yet, I wanted to hang some photos first and install paving tiles infront of the main door. Hehehe... Kim and I decided we'll stay here and no more MOVING! Hahaha... It's not easy, it's very tiring... super! Thank God everything went well and the house help has already arrived. So that means, I'll be relaxed now with the baby; but it doesn't mean I will not take care of Yano and Makuy. I will still take care of them... I wanted to be hands on to the baby; it's just that, I believe it's a great help to have a house help.

So, just this for now and see you again tomorrow... Do come back for the freebies. :D

God bless... XOXO

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Note: Inshallah mean "If God wills" in Arabic :)

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