Sep 3, 2009

Very late posting...

This is a super late posting already. My eldest son, Makuy celebrated his 5th birthday last August 11. It was a weekday, we just had a "just us" celebration... just us family at home. Kuya was so happy because Papa Kim bought him the skate shoes last August 9 which he requested a few months ago. Then on his birthday, Kim surprised him with a Hot Wheels bike. It was a very simple celebration... just us... with spaghetti, garlic sliced bread, almost like corn dogs, peaches and cream, birthday cake and juice. I post a blog about this also on my foodblog.

This one was on the weekend after his actual birthday at the park near our house. We celebrated his birthday with friends from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and around Al Ain. It was also a weekend get-together for the big ones and play time for the kids.

This was a layout I made for recording the gifts Makuy received on his birthday.

I'd like to take this chance to thank Liz for sharing her wonderful layouts for her blurb book project. It was her blurb book layouts that gave me the idea to come up with these since I wanted to put almost every photos on a page... so-many-photos-to-scrap.

Thank you for looking... :)


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