Sep 19, 2009

Embrace Imperfection challenge

This won't take long. I just dropped by to post my challenge layout. Two of my favorite scrappers had a collaboration kit just recently, Feifei Stuff and Paiselee Press, and they are hosting a challenge both on their separate blogs and at the same time at the Oscraps.

The challenge is to scrap a blurry photo using mostly Paislee Press, Fei-fei's stuff designs or a combination of both. You have until Thursday, Sept. 24th (PST) to submit your layout.

Here's my entry and as always I am praying, crossing fingers and toes that I'd win. :)

I took this photo while "My Boys" are having fun together. It just made me a sad because it turned out a bit blurry. But what a heck, it's still a saved memory. :)

Feifei Stuff
Paislee Press

• • • • • • •

I'm cooking up something, a little freebie, and I hope I'd be able to finish it soon. So, standby and keep on dropping by. Thank you for looking. :)

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