Aug 19, 2009


I already posted my entry for Kangkong Salad on my foodblog. I’m posting it here under photography to share to you the kangkong we just harvested from our little garden… hhmmm… actually it’s a rectangular pot placed outside our main door.

Kim and I have always wanted to grow vegetables and fruits (going organic really). But Kim has the green thumb. I tried but I failed. Kim tried and it blossomed. Hehehe… Even if space and weather just don’t allow us to do that here in UAE, somehow, we were able to grow kangkong, tanglad (lemon grass) and… lately Kim just threw some tomato seeds on the pot where the dying jasmine flower is and it’s growing. That just means we’re growing tomato as well. Yehey… Hehehe… But I still want to grow malunggay tree, it’s my frustration… soon… soon… soon. Lord willing.

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